Student card and its benefits 

What is my student card for?



When you join EDHEC Business School, you’ll get a student ID card. But what you may not know is that this student card can be useful outside of EDHEC.


  • Cinema: Bring your student card when you go see a movie, because you’ll get a “student price”, cheaper than the regular price. But it will only work if you’re able to show your student card.

  • Fast-Foods: Often, when you go eat in a McDonald’s, Quick, Subway, etc., showing your student card will get you a cheaper price, or, when the price is not lowered, get something for free (a 2nd burger, a dessert…).

  • Museums: Some museums in France are free for people under 26 (you’ll need to show your passport or ID card, plus your visa or residence permit if you’re not a EU-resident).

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