Find a place to live

How do I find a place to stay?



If you are looking for a place to live, you have two main choices:

  • Croix/Roubaix: right next to the campus, where EDHEC can provide you some options to live alone or with roommates.

  • Lille: in the city center.

Many international students live in Croix, as it's easier to get to the school every morning and they can be all together in the EDHEC residences. However, you shouldn’t ignore that Croix is more a residential area. That’s why most of EDHEC students choose to live in Lille (approximately 45 min far from the EDHEC campus by metro/tram) in order to plenty enjoy the city life, especially the nightlife. Indeed, e.g. the last metro departure from Gare Lille Flandres is around 00:30 AM during the week, which may well be a killjoy for certain crews. Of course, you can live between the two but we would not recommend it for you as you loose the advantages you may have with one of these situations : Croix for its proximity to the campus, and Lille for its proximity to the city center.

Here you will find a map made by the BDE (EDHEC student organization - stands for Bureau Des Elèves) which mark out the more convenient area of Lille, taking into account the proximity to the EDHEC HQ or more largely the proximity to bars and clubs (rue Massena/rue Solferino) and the safety.

The "Snook" is the nightclub where EDHEC students go to party, and the "Solfé" is the bar where they are used to have a beer.







In order to help your research if you want to live in Lille, you may use the map below to target the best areas of Lille. Sharing a flat with roommates should be around 400€/500€. To help your research, you may look these websites:


  • Le Bon Coin: This website which is updated everyday with new offers. Still, you must carefully have a look at the offer, as it is a BtoB platform.

  • Housing Anywhere: (available in 8 languages) An international student housing platform for exchange and internship students.


Students residences 

You can also contact the student residences in Lille, which are expensive but easier to look for: around the Lille Flandres train station and around République. There are also residences around EDHEC, like the Egide residence where many international students live in.