International Day 


 During one day, EDHEC lives at the same rhythm as Open Up! International Day is a culinary forum gathering all the countries of International students represented at EDHEC. Our goal? Enable all the EDHEC students to discover the wonder of cultures on the campus!


4 editions, 4 consecutive successes for our project that became a major event of EDHEC campus, with more than 600 participants each year (except for the last year because of COVID, it was an online edition).

Each stand represents a country and is managed by International students or EDHEC associaitons (EDHEC Israel, Schola Africa, Human East, Raid EDHEC...). Each country will cook the tastiest typical dishes of its hometown.  An election for the best stand and the best costume will take place at the end ! Table rounds will also be organized in order to create more exchange between French and International students! We help the International students to cook, to hold a stand and give them a budget.

Each time, we try to rethink this major event. For instance, we organized a conference about globalization with the famous French economist, Daniel Cohen