Sport facilities on campus

How to do sport in EDHEC facilities?

Access to sport facilities 


The EDHEC Sport Department manages the sports facilities. You have free access to the gymnasium, the swimming pool, the fitness, squash and dance rooms. To have access to those facilities, you still have to register. In order to do it, you need to log in Aurion (EDHEC will give you your login and password at the beginning of the year). 


→ To have all the information, go to “My Sport” → “Sport offer” → “Edhec Sport Practice (in details)”. Everything will be explained.

→ To activate your account, go to “My Sport” → “Sport offer” → “Activation Sport offer”.

→ As soon as your account is activated, you can book sport facilities “My sport” → “Practical information” → “DECIPLUS (booking)”

Sport courses 


Furthermore, there are many sport courses to which you can individually pay for in order to attend. Information on that matter will be given at the beginning of the semester.

Sport trainings 


You also have free access to sports training (with a coach) and be part of sport team (soccer team, basketball team, swimming team.. and so much more). For that process, you need to pre-register for a sport on Web Aurion.  Then you pass the selection tests in your discipline. If you are selected, you provide a medical certificate to testify that there are no health impediments to your participation in competition sport. You download, approve and sign the Competitor’s Charter (see “downloadable documents”), then deposit it with the Sports Union office. And finally you then receive a French University Sports Federation Licence issued by the Sports Department.