EDHEC Student Associations 

EDHEC associations you can apply for 

You can find below the associations you can apply for, and their requirements for you to join them. Don't hesitate in participating to the recruitements at the beginning of the year : being part of an association in our school is an amazing experience! However, this is the list of last year, there will probably be some changes in it. We will inform you as soon as we know more about it. Stay tuned! 

The ones which recruit international students are : Ecothink, Edhec Jumping, Chinese Business Association, Edhec Littérature, La Clef des Planches, Cheer'Up, Club Voile Edhec, Team Golf Edhec, PDC, ECDC, Oikos, Citépub Citécom, Gourm'edhec, Schola Africa, Sport Business Consulting, BDA, Star'Ec, Melkis, Ed'Express. You will find a description of each one and recruitment conditions on this documentFor example, some require you to speak French or to stay for at least one year.  

Other associations 

You can find below other Edhec associations. Unfortunately you cannot be part of them because it's not compatible. But You will be able to participate in all their events during the year. 

Open Up - The international student office

Our association, we are in charge of taking care of you and making you feel at home. Never hesitate to contact us or speak to us on the campus when you have a problem or any questions. You may easily recognise us with our Open Up jacket.

BDE - The student office 

The association in charge of organizing big parties gathering almost all of the EDHEC students once a month and the Semi. To go to BDE events such as the SMATS, you need to pay a fee for the whole semester. Caroline, a member of Open Up is also member of this association, so if you need to know anything about it, don't hesitate to ask her. 

Le Ch'ti

This association provides you with the Lille Guide, le Ch'ti. Everything is in there (in french). If you want to find a good restaurant, club or shop just check it! 

The wine association. They organize many degustations along the year with famous wines you can discover! We will alert you if you want to join, you'll have to be quick, Edhec students book their tickets very fast !


If you manage to avoid the BDA’s cameras, ETNA’s camcorders are here to film you doing your gangnam style dances, and to show it to the other students afterwards during the Boucle in the auditorium… 

A sport association that organizes a student raid, in other words a strong sport trail involving biking, running and over sports activities. If you are interested don't miss the subscriptions of next semester! 
This association make a big sport contest between the top 6 French Business Schools. If you're good in a sport or just want to enjoy the event, be there when it happens!
Taking care of children is the first goal of VLV. This EDHEC organisation looks after children all year long through cultural and sports days and enjoys a weekend with these children at the end of the year. The members of VLV also give free teaching courses for children from Lille.
Course Croisière EDHEC
It’s the biggest sportive student event in Europe which gathers at least 3,000 students. During more than a week, many teams contest with eachothers in a sailing race, a regatta, a raid, games on the sand and so on…