Student housing allocations 

How to have access to the CAF?


During your stay in France you have the right to receive a fixed amount of money per month from the French government. It’s a very common procedure for every French student but you can also apply to this as an international student. The whole process is very simple and it has to be done online on this website: . There you can also estimate how much you will receive.



This link will help you to know everything about the aids :

They also have offices : 


  • If you live in Lille your CAF address is : 82 Rue Brûle Maison, 59000 Lille.


  • If you live in Croix/Roubaix your CAF address is : 124, boulevard Gambetta 59074 Roubaix.


If you’re facing any trouble with those procedures feel free to contact us ( for any additional information