How can I travel? How can I go from Lille to Edhec? And so on...


  • Metro Lille (Transpole)


The Lille transport company is Transpole and you will find all you need on their website. We will help you at the beginning of the year to get the best subscription. Many Options are offered to you to get a subscription card with student prices. Here are the prices if you are under 25: 

- Monthly pass: 28€ per month 

- 10-Month pass: 23,80€ per month 

If you are over 25, the monthly pass is worth 56€ per month


To go from Lille to EDHEC, you need to take the metro (line 2) from Gare Lille Flandres to Croix Mairie. Then, if you are lucky you can try to catch the bus n°36. It will take you just in front of the campus. 

Advice about the Transpose office:  go as soon as you can as Transpole office are often crowded at the beginning of September.

  • Taxis / CAB 

When the first metro is at 5am and it's getting cold, you may want to leave by taxi...The best option for you is to take an Uber or an Heetch. Uber is an App where you order a car at a specific place. They tell you before the drive how much you are going to pay (no surprise at the end) (12€ to go from Lille to Campus with UBER Pop, 20€ with a normal Uber). Heetch is nearly the same thing but it's non-professional drivers and you can use the app only between 8pm and 6am. 

However if you still want to take the cab, sometimes you will find them next to Lille Flandres Train Station.


  • Train 

The national train company is SNCF. On their website you'll find all the prices for trains going to Paris, with an average of 25€. But also to other cities in France and even other countries (such as Eurostar to go to London)

Don't wait too long before booking your ticket, prices increase fast! 


Many Options are offered to you to get a subscription card with student prices : 

the "Carte Jeune" (for people from 18 to 27) that will give you important reductions (you get around 30 off the ticket prices) for one year (50€). Feel free to take it if you think you're going to travel a lot by train. 

- TGV Max (for people from 16 to 27) with this pass, you will pay 79€ per month and then you will have an unlimited access to TGV.  Be aware that you will not have access to all trains, only certains hours. If you take it, be sure to book your train 1 month before. Take this pass, if you are sure to travel a lot by train (several times per month) 


Other offers :

- InterRail Global Pass: unlimited travels in 30 European countries, on the website you can choose the type of pass you want.

- InterRail One Country Pass: unlimited travels in one European country 

  • Bus


Go to the website Blablabus to have the best prices! It's way more cheaper than the train


  • Carpooling


Another way to move through France without spending too much is the carpooling system. Many EDHEC students go back to Paris each week, and look on the Facebook page "Shotgun EDHEC" for passengers. You can also check this website :